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Southeast NEDA Walk

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Event Details

Event Location: Online!
Event Date: Saturday, October 24, 2020
Event Times: 11am - 12:30pm Eastern Time
Fundraising Goal: $65,000

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James Rose

James Rose (They/Them) is an actor, fitness professional, podcaster, and Instagram educator. James holds degrees from NYU in Music Theatre and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies, and their work on stage and screen includes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and roles in regional theatres across the country. In response to the diet culture and body shaming of the entertainment industry, they also became a Health at Every Size personal trainer and a trauma-informed Yoga teacher, specializing in accessible fitness that creates space for all people to make peace with movement and their bodies. They co-host the Full SoulNutrition Podcast with their best friend Caitie Corradino (MS, RD), and reach an audience of 10k+ on Instagram (@jamesissmiling), writing about gender, queerness, sex, mental health, & joy. After unearthing the connection between their non-binary gender and their eating disorder, they are passionate about educating on this intersection, and are honored to lend their voice to this event.  You are not alone, your healing is deserved, and full recovery is possible!


Kelly Uchima

Kelly is 26, from Chicago, and incredibly passionate about breaking the stigma on mental health. She has overcome eating disorders, anxiety and depression and utilizes social media through Instagram and Youtube to encourage her fellow warriors to love themselves more each day. Through her raw and vulnerable content, and her favorite Instagram story series she created in 2019, “Therapy Thursday,” she aspires to inspire those who struggle with their relationship with their bodies, food, self worth, and relationships with others. She feels incredibly grateful to share her journey and help others to help themselves.


Sharon Maxwell

Sharon is a mental health advocate and fat activist.  After growing up in an environment that viewed and portrayed mental health issues to be sinful and shameful, Sharon is passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health.  While actively fighting for recovery from her eating disorder, she speaks out on her blog and on Instagram about hope in recovery, challenging systemic fat phobia, ditching diet culture once and for all, and walking towards body neutrality and body trust.  She also creates digital art to portray powerful messages about these topics.  Sharon speaks to youth and educators with the National Alliance on Mental Health about eating disorders and other mental illnesses.  In her activism and advocacy, she hopes to shine light in the darkest of places, help people walk out of shame, and step into the hope of recovery.  You can find more of her work at www.heysharonmaxwell.com or follow her Instagram account @heysharonmaxwell.


Woody Moore

Woody Moore is a senior and an English major at Davidson College. She is excited to share her recovery story and encourage others along their journeys. She overcame her eating disorder while at college, and recovery has given her a chance to heal her relationships and follow her passions. She DJs and is art director for her college radio station. She is also a copyeditor for a college literary magazine. She loves to read poetry, write songs, and make art. She is interested in the way that literature can inspire empathy and uplift marginalized voices and one day hopes to become an English teacher. 


Thank you to our sponsors

This sponsor section is to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors. Neither this section nor any other listings or signage seen at the walk is intended in any way as an endorsement of the companies listed, their products or services.

Goal: $65,000
Amount Raised: $59,170

Participant Center 


  1. Cheese On My Beans - $1,645
  2. TeAM Ashley - $1,425
  3. Solstice Warriors - $1,350
  4. Sharon is Carin' - $1,050
  5. Scales are for Fish - $1,019
  6. Team Allison - $810
  7. UNCG Dietetics - $781
  8. Alpha Omicron Pi Elon University - $737
  9. Kline - $515
  10. Arizona Sun - $460


  1. William OConnor - $5,250
  2. Sheri Bollon - $1,425
  3. Lauren Andrews - $1,080
  4. Lauren Stephens - $1,000
  5. Kristy Catalano - $850
  6. Allison Kerstein - $760
  7. Lydia Calamari - $720
  8. Sydney Korn - $686
  9. Beatrice Roussell - $620
  10. Carson Evans - $565